ESMA supports Punch Powertrain Solar Team

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia takes place from 8 to 12 October 2017. 50 students from the Leuven University will drive 3021 km from Darwin to Adelaide with their Punch Two against students from all over the world!

The students have built fifteen months on a fully solar driven car which has a top speed from 120kph and a weight from 145 kg. This weight is 20 kg lighter than the last one from 2 years ago. This reduction is achieved true mechanical optimisation from the design which came possible through the software from AM production.

Esma is, as a bronze partner, a proud partner of this team and made some high precision pieces for the suspension, steering wheel and brake system. The reduce of weight was possible with the software and precision machinery in combination with 3D printing which Esma has available.

We wish the Punch Powertrain Solar Team all the best in “down-under” and hope they will come back with the highest award.

For more information ( and Facebook (Punch Powertrain Solar Team)

BREAKING news 7/10/17

The Punch Powertrain Solar Team will start tomorrow at pole position! The first goal achieved!

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